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Business Simulator

Business Simulator

Designed for international students or students not in the workplace, our Business Simulator (BS) is an extra feature which we have built into the assessment. The Business Simulator accessed through our innovative business simulations, creating the most engaging and interactive learning events for businesses and business schools, A range of easy-to-use and up-to-date business simulations designed to complement your business management courses. Means Learners log-in to our website and move through the user-friendly environment to access simulations of the business that they require in completing their assessment. This assessment can be used equally for students or employed Learners. The employed Learner can use their organization while those without employment can use the Simulated Business.

Unique Learning Delivery Platform


  • Business strategy and planning documents
  • Annual general meetings
  • Current projects


  • Hierarchal structure
  • Job descriptions
  • Applications for job description


  • Finance policy
  • Administrative policy
  • Human resource policy
  • Quality policy
  • WHS and emergency policy
  • Customer relationship management
  • Travel policies
  • Marketing policy
  • Conferences


  • Contingency planning
  • Administrative procedures
  • Customer relationship management
  • Emergency procedures
  • Financial procedures
  • Human resource procedures
  • Quality
  • Meeting procedures


  • Head office
  • Local branch
  • Interstate branch


  • Administrative
  • Customer relationship management
  • Emergency and incident forms
  • Financial
  • Human resources
  • Risk management
  • Marketing
  • Travel forms
  • Small business

Select scenario

  • Information management system
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