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Civility In The Workplace Coursework


    Civility In The Workplace Coursework

    While a training program on workplace manners and courtesy may seem like overkill, the reality is: rudeness is an epidemic costing industry millions a year. Indeed, what society seems to be gaining in terms of both knowledge and technological advancement, it’s losing out on basic social values that directly impact the bottom line.

    To address the growing problem of incivility in the work setting, this coursework introduces the concept of civility, its importance to a company, as well as its typical causes and effects. Skills needed to effectively practice civil behavior, as well as different ways organizations can systematize civility in the workplace will also be discussed. The benefits to Civility In The Workplace are countless and will pay off immensely in every aspect of your job.


    Failing to smile at co-workers, or even just a tendency to smirk at a client’s unusual request, may not seem like much at first glance. But these seemingly innocuous behaviors can be costly in the long run. It’s important then to be appraised of the nature of civility, its behavioral indicators, and why its practice is imperative within an organization.

    In this module, you will be introduced to the concept of civility, and the idea that even a little consideration can go a long, long way. Signs of uncivil behavior, its costs and rewards, as well as the case for promoting civility in the workplace will also be discussed.

    What is Uncivil Behavior?

    Civility represents the social norms and rules that must be followed in order to positively and productively relate with others. When people hear the word “civility,” words that come to mind include respect, courtesy, tolerance, consideration, and a rational approach to conflicts. Behaviors that threaten positive and productive relations with other people, therefore, constitute uncivil behaviors.

    Coursework Objectives:

    • Define civility, understand its causes, and enumerate at least three of its behavioral indicators.
    • Understand the costs of incivility, as well as the rewards of civility, within the workplace.
    • Learn practical ways of practicing workplace etiquette.
    • Learn the basic styles of conflict resolution.
    • Learn skills in diagnosing the causes of uncivil behavior.
    • Understand the role of forgiveness and conflict resolution.
    • Understand the different elements of effective communication.
    • Learn facilitative communication skills such as listening and appreciative inquiry.
    • Learn specific interventions that can be utilized when there’s conflict within the workplace.
    • Learn a recommended procedure for systematizing civil behavior within the workplace.
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    • 28 Days
    • Course Certificate
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