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Contract Management Coursework


    Contract Management Coursework

    Contract management is not just contract administration. Rather than simply drawing up the contracts, the manager works to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. The contract manager is involved in not just the planning and development but also the execution of the contract, and beyond to the point of renewal. Typical contract management activities include:

    • Contract creation
    • Negotiation
    • Assessment
    • Relationship management
    • Contract amendment
    • Audits
    • Renewal

    Over the course of this instruction, you will develop a better understanding of these roles.

    It is easy to overlook the importance of contract management because it seems to be a boring, mundane topic.  Contracts, however,  are the basis of most business relationships. If contracts are managed well, business relationship will flourish. If they are  not, companies face financial loss, relationship harm, and damaged reputations.

    With our “Contract Management” coursework, participants will discover the specifics of how contract management works and how to effectively source agents.


    Defining Contract Management

    Every business relationship relies on contracts are made with vendors, employees, customers, partnership, etc. These agreements must be managed carefully, which is where contract management comes into the picture. In order to effectively implement contract management, however, it is necessary to understand what it entails.

    Coursework Objectives:

    • Identify contract elements
    • Understand ethical contract management
    • Calculate value
    • Negotiate contracts
    • Create basic amendments

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