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Developing New Managers Coursework


    Developing New Managers Coursework

    Management must be effective for the success of any business. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to overlook the training and development of new managers. When you provide your managers and employees with the skills and tools they need, you will greatly boost morale and strengthen your organization.

    With our Developing New Managers coursework, participants will understand the value of investing in employees and developing management. By focusing on development opportunities, participants will establish a culture that retains top talent and improves succession planning.

    Managers are Made, Not Born

    While it may seem that management skills come naturally to some people, in reality management is a set of skills which can be learned. Perhaps the most important part of developing new managers is giving them opportunities to develop key management skills, empowering them to take charge of their professional development, and providing chances for them to apply what they have learned. Developing new managers is a continuous process.

    Managers Must Be Developed

    Asking an employee to make the transition from a non-managerial role to a managerial one without taking the time to develop him or her is a recipe for failure. When new managers struggle, it is more often than not a result of underdevelopment, not lack of talent or potential. While some skills may come more easily to some people than others, managers must be developed. Even the most talented employee won’t be successful if he or she is expected to jump into a managerial role unprepared. And new manager development has to start long before an employee is poised to step into a new job! Having a process in place to develop new managers and support them as they transition into their new roles ensures not only the success of individual managers, but of your organization as a whole.

    Coursework Objectives:

    • Discuss strategies for developing new managers
    • Understand the importance of defining a clear management track
    • Determine core roles and competencies for managers
    • Understand the importance of continuous development for managers
    • Apply the principles of manager development to your own organization
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