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Managing Workplace Anxiety Coursework


    Managing Workplace Anxiety Coursework

    The workplace is one of the leading locations where people experience stress and anxiety. Every employee will encounter it sometime during their career. Everyone should be aware of the signs of anxiety and the tools needed to cope and deal with it.

    Our Managing Workplace Anxiety coursework will provide your participants the important skills and resources to recognize and manage workplace anxiety. By identifying these symptoms and coping skills employees and managers will be better suited in dealing with these common situations. Through this coursework participants will be better suited to the challenges that the workplace can bring.


    Common Types of Anxiety

    Anxiety cannot be defined as one, isolated condition. It has many faces and can have hundreds of different symptoms. But before you can begin to understand and identify any type of anxiety, it is important to know the common symptoms and characteristics of different disorders. Only after you’ve identified the type of anxiety can you focus on the source and how to cope with it.


    Social Anxiety

    Social anxiety, also known as social phobia, is a type of anxiety where a person fears crowds or public situations because they feel it will lead to public scrutiny or embarrassment. This can range from simply eating in public to being among a large crowd in a store. Sometimes this person can be mistaken for having a shy demeanor, but these people have serious trouble socializing at work or even participating in meetings. This can keep them from being a team player since they frequently withdraw from the group.


    Coursework Objectives:

    • Explore different types of workplace anxieties
    • Learn to recognize symptoms and warning signs
    • Determine ways of coping and managing problems
    • Recognize common trigger and accelerants
    • Learn the difference between anxiety and common nervousness
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    • 28 Days
    • Course Certificate

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