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Marketing Basics Coursework


    Marketing Basics Coursework

    Marketing is an essential element for every business. It can be that one missing piece of the puzzle, and when it fits the big picture is revealed. Participants will be given an introduction to marketing and its benefits. If you are not marketing your business you will not grow, and if you do not grow you will not succeed.

    Marketing Basics will provide the basic knowledge to participants, and give them the ability to build and grow your business. Marketing has changed a lot recently and having a new perspective will give participants the needed information to assist them in their marketing decisions. No matter what your product or service is, your business will benefit with a better understanding of marketing.


    What is Marketing?

    Sometimes marketing is confused with the simple act of selling or increasing sales. But, marketing is the channel companies take to grab the customers’ attention and bring them to make a purchase. A team often manages marketing since the job itself can cover many different tasks and duties. It is often the first step in building a relationship with the customer and building brand recognition.


    What is a Market?

    A market is loosely defined as a medium where customers and sellers with shared interests and desires conduct business. For example, there is a transportation consumer market. A market has a broad definition, and it is necessary for marketers to find the customers in the market who will purchase their products. The process of identifying potential customers is finding a target market. Target markets generally consist of individuals who may or may not interact with each other, but they do share many common characteristics, such as values, interests, or buying habits. However, identifying similar traits is not all there is to a market – it also requires potential customers who have the interest and income to make the purchase. This is why defining and building a market for any company requires extensive market research.


    Coursework Objectives:

    • Define your market.
    • Know the different types of marketing and ways to use them.
    • Learn effective ways of communicating with the customer.
    • Know how to set marketing goals and strategies.
    • Recognize common marketing mistakes and know how to avoid them.
    • $ 490.00 $ 199.00
    • 28 Days
    • Course Certificate

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