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Overcoming Sales Objections Coursework


    Overcoming Sales Objections Coursework

    Experiencing a sales objection can be a disheartening event. Through this course participants will learn how to eliminate the objection and push through to get that sale. Even the best quality services or items can be turned down, and learning how to overcome these denials will be of great benefit.

    Overcoming Sales Objections is an essential part of the sales process, as it will open up a whole new set of opportunities. It will produce new sales and provide an ongoing relationship with new clients. Objections will always occur no matter the item being sold or presented.


    Three Main Factors

    Customers typically introduce sales objections for three main reasons. They may be skeptical of the product or service. It is also possible for customers and sales associates to have misunderstandings and miscommunication. Occasionally, however, customers may just be stalling. Part of overcoming objections is identifying the factors behind them.



    People are naturally skeptical. It is important to gain the trust of prospects and communicate effectively in order to prevent skepticism from developing into an objection. There are several ways that conversations with prospects can breed skepticism.


    Common Mistakes:

    • Lack of Rapport: It is important to develop a rapport. This requires listening and showing genuine interest in the prospect.
    • Poor questions or answers: When speaking with prospects you need to ask questions that will uncover the needs of your prospects. You also need to answer the potential customers’ questions completely. Do not minimize their questions.
    • Moving too fast: Never rush a presentation. People tend to feel you are less than truthful when they feel rushed.
    • Over-promising: People do not trust promises that seem too good to be true. It is essential that prospects understand how an organization will meet its promises.


    Coursework Objectives:

    • Understand the factors that contribute to customer objections.
    • Define different objections.
    • Recognize different strategies to overcome objections.
    • Identify the real objections.
    • Find points of interest.
    • Learn how to deflate objections and close the sale.
    • $ 490.00 $ 199.00
    • 28 Days
    • Course Certificate

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