Mobile Learning Express

Management Summary

Management Summary

Ray Kerkmez is the sole manager and founder of Mobile Learning Express and oversees the entire operations.  Ray Kerkmez has been the main instructor for all classes from day one. He has fulfilled all qualifications to exceed the requirements. He continues to provide expertise in special areas such as Entrepreneurship and Lean Process and Six Sigma.

Executive Summary Operations

Mobile Learning Express relies on the proven skills of its founder to take advantage of the growing need for education, training, coaching and other related business enhancement services. Ray Kerkmez, who brings more than two decades of entrepreneurship training and life coaching expertise to the business, leads the company as it was established, as a high-quality training provider across Australia and abroad.

Mobile Learning Express continues to differentiate itself from its competitors through lower pricing and the continuing development of unique classes, personal training and coaching, along with expanding on the one-stop-shop for training. The one-stop-shop approach is expected to allow substantial gains in the largest segment of a growing market. This focused approach also makes it easier for Mobile Learning Express to establish and retain a position as an industry leader.

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