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Our Coaching Services

Our Coaching Services

Online Coaching Services – Helping people become their best.

Many organizations around the world are currently using online coaching, offering their staff training to fast-track achievement and extend much-needed competencies. Our primary objective is to transform our client’s staff into the leaders and managers of tomorrow ready to take on the complex and unpredictable challenges of working in turbulent times. We target the development of individual skills and competencies and the strengthening of the individual’s connection to corporate objectives.

Mobile Learning Express understands everyone has different learning styles and life commitments. Our Coaches are committed to helping you succeed and reach your goals, address your specific skill gaps or challenges.

  • Learners can undertake the courses at their own pace.
  • Learn how to get clarity on what you really want and set a course of action to achieve those goals.
  • Simply book online with your contact details. One of our student advisers will contact you soon to schedule a suitable time.
  • We help students reach the next level in their studies growth plans. We’ll show you how to get there.
  • Our Coaches have helped hundreds of students from diverse backgrounds.
  • We focus on areas particular to your setting or context, tailoring the professional learning to your needs or the needs of your organization or company.

Online coaching is available for participants completing any of our short courses.

 Student Support Services

Student coaching and counselling service

Being an online student can mean juggling family, work, friendships and of course study. We know that a healthy balance isn’t always easy to maintain, and lots of students find themselves looking for advice about how to manage their time, how to create a flexible study timetable and how to make sure their well-being isn’t affected by the competing demands. That’s why we offer a student coaching and counselling service.

Student Coaching

Our Student Coaches can help you with:

  • Managing your time and your workload
  • Motivation and procrastination
  • Exam preparation
  • Accessing tips and resources on essay writing (and academic writing in general) and referencing
  • Balancing your responsibilities (home, family, work, study, etc.)
  • Working out the best study load for you
  • Learn more about Mobile Learning Express student coaches

Student Counselling

Our Student Counsellors can help you with:

  • Stresses relating to student life
  • Dealing with study anxiety
  • Personal problems
  • Health and welfare issues that are impacting upon your studies
  • Managing work/study/life balance
  • Administrative and technical help

If you’d like to get help with admin tasks like enrolling or planning your studies, or if you’re not sure about something on our website, you should contact a Student Advisory.





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